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Note: There are no recent programs in the radio archives, as George has been recording "Storytime" this past year. Click on this link: [Link: Storytime] to listen to them. More will be posted as soon as possible. You can also subscribe to George's Youtube account, so you will be notified when more videos are posted.

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DateProgram TitleSubtitleShowPartMP3 StreamMP3 DownloadSPX Download
2010-12-03Total OnslaughtThe Highest Rating I give is 1 in 100, and that's mine.4166PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-12-02Total OnslaughtHow much do you know anyway?4165PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-12-01Total OnslaughtThe New World Order4164PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-30Total OnslaughtLearning takes Time4163PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-29Total OnslaughtSecret Societies & their connection to Bible Prophecy4162PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-28Total OnslaughtDaniel 2 & Revelation explain history from 86 BC to the End of Time4161PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-27Reality behind the News13% pay raise is too much for the Military, or is it?4157PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-26Reality behind the NewsBen Bernanke and the Dollar4156PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-25Reality behind the NewsBuilding your own economy4155PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-24Reality behind the NewsThe European Union is facing Insolvency4154PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-23Reality behind the NewsWiki Leaks, Tax Cuts are Tax Increases4153PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-22Reality behind the NewsNorth Korea, NATO and the START Treaty.4152PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-21Reality behind the News401K Pensions to be seized4151PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-20Lying DeceiversTake Aim at the Preachers4147PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-19Lying Deceivers3 popular Deceptions: Vaccination, History, and Morality4146PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-18Lying DeceiversVegetarianism is a doctrine of Demons.4145PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-17Lying Deceivers.The Milk of Human Kindness is NOT pasteurized.4144PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-16Lying DeceiversPeak Oil & 80% of our seafood is imported.4143PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-15Lying DeceiversLying about Oil, Peak Oil, & False Bible Doctrines.4142PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-14Lying DeceiversGlobal Warming & Iraq & The Lusitania are examples of lying deceptions.4141PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-13Global Financial CrisisMarkets are manipulated.4137PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
2010-11-12Global Financial CrisisWorld affairs brief by Joel Skousen.4136PlayDial-upBroadbandTime-compressed
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